Night shot of Las Vegas

Las Vegas at Night

Las Vegas at Night

As I walked around Las Vegas last December, a large number of Las Vegas tourists stopped beside me and wondered about my night photography technique. It is quite simple.
1. Use a tripod.
2. Trip shutter with a remote trigger.
3. Use the manual exposure mo…de. Set the aperture to f22, for an image like this, to get extensive depth of field.
4. Attempt various shutter speeds to explore effects.
5. Make several frames, so that you capture a variety of traffic patterns.
6. Stack the captures in photoshop.

I go through all this in great detail and walk my students through it step-by-step in the Advanced DSLR Seminar coming up in March. Also, I will take a handful of registered students with me and walk around San Francisco doing night shots in my San Francisco Night Workshop, also coming up in March.


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